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Schiel (Protsenko) Svitlana

Schiel (Procenko) Svetlana 

My family moved into a new apartment with professional interior design, and new furniture, but with bare walls. I searched a lot, went through the galleries, explored art studios, in search of paintings that would complement and decorate my house. The works that I liked were very expensive.

Thought “paint myself” all spinning through my mind. 

Try. Draw. Hang on the wall. The painting perfectly fitted into the interior.

From this moment on, I came to love paints and canvases. We all know that feeling when awakening a new interest – a great desire to discover deeper… More to learn – even more interesting it became.

Create, craft, decorate the world – it is so beautiful!

1995-2000 – graduated from university with a degree in economy.

From 1995-2002 –  established my own business – women’s clothing store, which grew to 10 stores. And then men’s clothing stores.

In 2003 graduated from the Academy of interior design and landscaping. It was my hobby, which eventually paid dividends and income. Did projects and first visualization, and drawing by hand, later, of course, using the ArchiCad software.

In 2006 organized a new business – a network of beauty salons. The business idea, organization, image, interior design — all was made by me personally. More new and empty walls appeared – and with it the desire to fill and decorate all  harmoniously and beautifully. Combining everything in a way that complements the title and scope of activities.  The salons were called “Nymph” – Forest Fairy. In the paintings there were a lot of flowers and butterflies. Customers of the salon desired to decorate their apartments with my paintings!  So I had to create new ones .

In parallel, I attended art lessons and discovered the world of colors, tried different techniques, studied with famous artists, and regularly attended master classes at the “Art Gallery of Raritеt”. 2013 I also studied at the Academy of Arts of Florence.

Now my work is scattered all over the world. I continue to create and give joy to people.

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