“AFRICAN COLORS” Presentation of works of art by Svetlana Sсhiеl

What do we really know about this giant mysterious continent?
Artist Svetlana Shil offers us a trip to South Africa. Most of her paintings are painted from nature, and best convey the color of the area, people with their emotions, characters, their lives and hard work. At the center of the exhibition is the image of an African woman – beautiful, strong, working woman, mother, woman, caretaker of the home. The artist was struck by the diversity of the country’s nature: dawns and sunsets, the incredible colors of the ocean, the colors of animals, birds, flowers. In them she saw a real Rainbow of Africa, in which people – the brightest color – are cheerful, friendly and easy to communicate! You can watch the video for the exhibition and the exhibition itself at the link:

exhibition: https://rerixlib.blogspot.com/2020/07/afrikan-colors.html

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