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Svetlana Schiel

About me

My family moved into a new apartment with professional interior design, and new furniture, but with bare walls. I searched a lot, went through the galleries, explored art studios, in search of paintings that would complement and decorate my house. Thought “paint myself” all spinning through my mind. 

Try. Draw. Hang on the wall. The painting perfectly fitted into the interior.

From this moment on, I came to love paints and canvases. We all know that feeling when awakening a new interest – a great desire to discover deeper… More to learn – even more interesting it became.

Create, craft, decorate the world – it is so beautiful!

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News & Events

  • “AFRICAN COLORS” Presentation of works of art by Svetlana Sсhiеl

    “AFRICAN COLORS” Presentation of works of art by Svetlana Sсhiеl

    The African continent has always attracted us with its mystery, color, unusual traditions of the local population and beautiful nature. >>

  • (русский) Международная выставка Арт-География

    (русский) Международная выставка Арт-География

Master classes

I invite all fans of painting to group and individual author’s master classes >>

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