Anna Guseva

When I was a student I wished to improve my artist skills but I had no time for this.

One day i woke up with seious idea: I want to learn!

In 2017 I graduated Moscow State Academic Art Institute V.I. Surikov, and it realy helped me. I take not only knowledges but freedom, freedom to implement my fantasies and my feelings. Nowadays I experiment, use different techniques, destroy borders between reality and abstraction, but i have always put meaning in my pictures.

I like to drow some moments from my live, there are medieval castles, mountain beauty, northern landscapes and just beautiful bouquet.

Someone buy my arts for collection, someone for gift to friends or close person. Wherever they are, I know that my energy particles, emotions on my pictures
have other people. I hope my pictures gifts gladness to them.

I have always gladed to new acquaintance with artists and connoisseurs of art.